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Executive Coaching.

Whether Entrepreneur, C-Suite or Mid/Senior Management the challenges and pressures are huge.
An external Coach can make all the difference to your personal development and business decisions. Having worked for 20+ years with business leaders both as individuals and as the people driving growth this is an area I am very passionate about. In particular having worked with fast growth & early stage businesses this is an area where we can offer great support.

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Career Coaching.

We spend so much time at work & career is a core part of what makes us tick. Yet its an area of life we often negotiate on our own. Often we cant be open with our colleagues or boss & our love ones, whilst supportive, don't fully understand. Career coaching offers an environment to analyse, plan, decide what you want from your career. It offers a place to develop & action your personal career strategy.

Why not try our exclusive programme:
“Developing a Career Strategy & Personal Brand – 7 stages to a happy career”.

This is a 6 session programme to build confidence, support personal analysis, the creation of a Career Mission & the formation of a career development plan.The route to a happy career is a very personal one. Like so many areas in life it depends on being authentic about what we want and what we are prepared to do to get there.

The programme uses 121 coaching techniques to get to the root of personal values, strengths, weaknesses, achievements & ambitions. This is in itself an exceptionally cathartic process. From there we will support the development of a career based Mission Statement & Personal Development Plan.

By taking control, being honest, developing a plan of small but consistent steps & owning the resulting actions career happiness can be achieved.

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Walk & Talk.

I love this style of coaching. Derive (french for drift) is coaching whilst walking or moving. Being coached away from an office or room is liberating. Whether in a park, gallery, museum the very act of moving seems to open the mind to possibility and clears the fog. Adding movement to the already powerful coaching process offers amazing results. Whether Executive, Career or Personal all forms of coaching benefit from this approach at least some of the time.

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Life Coaching.

When was the last time someone listened to you for two hours without feeling the need to interrupt? Who can you bounce ideas off who wont judge? Who can you share doubts & fears with? Who will help you set goals and stick to them?That's where a coach comes in. That's where I come in. I can provide you with a safe environment to really get to grips with the areas you want to focus on. Success is achieved through active listening and tried and tested coaching methodology.

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Team & Group Coaching.

Team dynamics, culture, communication and performance are the life blood for any business.

Whether its rapid growth, periods of change, inter-team communication, clashing personalities, motivation or a myriad of other issues, achieving optimum team performance can be a challenge. That’s where a tailored coaching approach makes all of the difference. By focusing on the team/group with fresh eyes and applying coaching methodology challenges can be overcome and goals achieved.

Whether coaching within a team or group environment we will bring an extensive tool kit of proven coaching methods and develop a bespoke programme to help you achieve the collective goal.

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At Autotelic we provide a goal driven approach to coaching. Through the use of an extensive and varied set of coaching tools we will help you to achieve your potential. We offer bespoke and structured programmes. Within a business environment we offer Executive, Team and Group coaching. For individuals we offer both Career & 121 programmes.

So what is Autotelic? The name is derived from two Greek words:

Auto from autós, or “self” & Telic from telos or goal. Something that is Autotelic has an end or purpose in itself. Autotelic people tend to be internally driven, & exhibit a sense of purpose and curiosity.

It is this Autotelic drive we want to help you to harness!

With over 20+ years in building businesses and career coaching, I help to align your personal and professional goals.

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“Without a consistent set of goals, it is difficult to develop a coherent self. It is through the patterned investment of psychic energy provided by goals that one creates order in experience. This order, which manifests itself in predictable actions, emotions, and choices, in time becomes recognizable as a more or less unique "self.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life**

Our approach echoes Csikszentmihalyi and many others in that we believe that the mind has the power to drive success or to sabotage goals.

It is by enabling you to harness your inner flow that we will help you to achieve your potential.

Nick O'Connor Founder of Autotelic Coaching


Nick O'Connor

Nick is a Business, Career & Team Coach and International Head Hunter. He has spent 20+ years working with entrepreneurs & management teams who are building businesses and with media/digital professionals growing successful careers. Along the way this has involved managing teams and running his own consultancy. ICF Registered and ACTP trained.

Nick is a passionate believer that Coaching can help us to shift our mindset, manage change, overcome obstacles and ultimately be happier. In a professional setting a coaching mindset can help to create truly inspiring cultures. On a personal level a skilled listener with a coaching toolkit can support career development, managing change, overcoming challenges and setting goals.

Nick is particularly interested in creative coaching and “derive” (walking whilst coaching). “It’s amazing how liberating it can be to take the coaching into the fresh air or a gallery”.

Members of the International Coach Federation.

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"Nick introduced me to the concept of life coaching. I’d never previously considered it but feel it’s adding real value to my career decisions and actions. Clearly being a great listener is important and Nick is the best. Nick has helped me structure my learnings from the past to enable me to shape my future. Highly recommended and anyone that knows Nick will agree it’s always a pleasure to spend time with him"

Antony Mures

VP Sales / SaaS / Programmatic